HUBER Solutions for Sludge Screening

Disturbing solids (e.g. plastics, hair and fibres) are removed with screens to prevent disruption of subsequent sludge treatment processes and equipment. Recovered sludge should not contain any debris.

Even where the raw wastewater is fine-screened, some more solids can be removed with sludge screens. Newly introduced sludge, like septic sludge, which has not been through a headworks process, generally contains contaminant solids and must be screened to protect downstream processes.

  • Our Sludge Screens serve for pre-treatment of imported sludge, e.g. septic sludge. Screenings are simultaneously washed and compacted.
  • HUBER Wash Drums screen-out coarse solids from sludge; the solids are washed in the drum and subsequently compacted.
  • We use our STRAINPRESS® Sludgecleaner SP for removal of disturbing solids and contaminants, e.g. hair and fibers. Sludge is pumped through the unit; removed solids are simultaneously compacted and dewatered.