Research and Innovation

State-of-the-art analysis at our new certified laboratory

HUBER INNOVATION – Waste Water Solutions

We develop and test our new technical solutions at our headquarters in Berching. To adapt our innovations to the specific requirements of our customers all around the world, we carefully test our products additionally on our customers’ sites. Demonstration projects and the research we do, frequently in close cooperation with renowned research institutes, ensure that our machines and plants work reliably in practice and provide for transfer of knowledge in our target countries. Our goal is to develop new technologies and sustainable solutions.

Our development efforts increasingly focus on closing the loops of water, material and energy cycles. We treat municipal wastewater close to source to a quality that ensures the treated water can safely be reused for irrigation of agricultural land, for infiltration or as toilet flush water. Sewage sludge is used as a source for phosphorus recovery. In cooperation with internationally renowned research facilities, and partly on its own, HUBER SE runs various research projects to demonstrate how to close regional cycles by means of simple and cost-effective technologies. Wastewater is no longer considered as a waste material but as a valuable secondary raw material for recovery of service water, fertilizer and energy.