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22,000 m² HUBER main production factory and offices in Germany
22,000 m² HUBER main production factory and offices in Germany

The HUBER group is an innovative, worldwide, leading supplier in the field of wastewater, sludge treatment and process engineering. Its head office, HUBER SE, is located in the German state Bavaria.

The company has been owned by the Huber family for over 175 years. With its more than 60 subsidiaries, offices and representatives worldwide, the successful family-owned environmental technology company is one of the leading enterprises in wastewater/sludge treatment and process engineering. HUBER has developed into a state-of-the-art manufacturer of equipment and a solution supplier for all wastewater, production water and drinking water applications. The HUBER group with atotal of 1,200 employees worldwide makes an annual turnover of more than 200 Mio. Euro.

The headquarters and factory have been located in Berching since its beginnings. Berching is about 80 miles North of Munich, the small town is surrounded by the beautiful natural forest of the Altmühl Valley and is connected through the Rhein-Main-Donau Canal to both the North Sea and the Black Sea. Berching looks back to a history of over 1,100 years; it is still enclosed by its medieval town wall and gate towers.

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For many decades the company has been innovative on the potable and wastewater treatment sector and developing new solutions for preservation of the most valuable resource – our water.

The products have grown in the long tradition of the HUBER company and have been developed in cooperation with the customer and for the customer. Over decades a complete program of equipment for buildings related to water treatment was created. The fundamental assumption was to offer equipment with the same life span as the concrete buildings to which it was added.
This assumption precluded all materials but stainless steel. In close interaction with the decisive authorities, contractors and operating parties, a complete program was created which takes into consideration the very particular requirements of all different fields of application for water - considering also the local conditions in the different regions of the world.

Long years of tradition present a commitment. It was in 1872 when Johann Huber married into an existing coppersmithy and since then the company has been owned by the Huber family. From the very beginning, the company’s activities have strongly been related to both potable and waste water. As coppersmiths, the family’s first generation manufactured containers and equipment for breweries and food suppliers.
Systematically these skills and experiences were expanded and adapted to the particularly developing demands of the customer. The usage of copper as basic material evolved into products made from stainless steel. Our machines and equipment for both potable and waste water were constantly modified according to the requirements of these sectors. Tradition and progress, knowledge of the raw material and close relations with our customers led to the development of today’s products.

You will find more information on our parent company at their website www.huber.de.